What it Takes to Be a Logistics Leader

What it Takes to Be a Logistics Leader

Right at the beginning of the 21st century, we saw retiring baby boomers passing on the baton to the next generation of business leaders. As we coincidentally transit into a new industrial revolution, the new generation of leaders have a heavy responsibility to fulfill.

The success or failure of a company depends on the leader’s capability to manage the entire work flow of the organization. More than just a fancy name or title, every leader bears huge accountability on their shoulders. This year alone, we witnessed plenty of huge companies going bust due to the incompetency of the man-in-charge.

A leader needs to win over everyone’s heart and boost the confidence of the team in working towards a common goal. This includes communicating and mastering of interpersonal relationships with people – right from the board to the warehouse workers.

In the business of logistics, the margin of error is a very narrow one. It is crucial that the transporting of goods meet timely requirements, or risk the whole supply chain. Therefore, it is important that aspiring leaders equip themselves with the qualified knowledge to develop ground-breaking solutions.

Nurture a Vision

Having a vision is easy, but bringing it to life is a total different game:

Every logistics leader should have a vision that is supported by a clear and purposeful business plan. Being in this position means not being told what to do, but rather crafting one’s own vision to bring positive changes to the entire supply chain.

A great leader is then able to breathe life into the vision by having a concrete action plan and getting everyone involved. It is important that every person is on the same page to steer the ship into the right direction. This is where it gets challenging, but also separates between an excellent leader from a mediocre one.

Inspire and Motivate The Team

In every team, it is common that some individuals begin to burn out and fall behind. It is the task of the leader re-ignite the fire of it’s team and keep them motivated. More than just mere words of encouragement, the adage of “leading by example” plays a part here.

Nothing inspires your team more than seeing it’s leader walk the talk and being enthusiastic about bringing the vision to life.

Own a Degree of Authenticity

The confidence and capability of a team is only as strong as the leader’s. It is crucial that you possess the necessary attributes to earn the trust of your team. Putting yourself in such a position not only gives your team the confidence when taken into deep waters, but inspires them to live up to a higher standard.

Be a Good Communicator

It is a must for every leader to be able to connect with every element around – especially in logistics. When you take a look at the entire supply chain process, so many linking up from one department to another is going on. It is critical that every manager is able to cultivate strong relationships and ensure that the whole operation transits smoothly.

Leaders must also be able to translate data to foster relationship between suppliers and vendors – and facilitate better two-way communication for a seamless supply chain operation.



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