3 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress

3 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress

Being in a stressful state can make or break you:

While good stress can uplift you to reach out for your goals, negative stress can crumble you down. Many people also seem to not realize, that being stressful for long periods of time can lead to various health complications. A citation from one of the leading health and medical news site, WebMD, suggests that excessive stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart diseases, and lots lots more!

While it is unlikely that you would steer yourself to such extremes, it is definitely worth the time to unwind every now and then. You see, it is perfectly normal to feel some kind of tension while going on about your work day. Even in the industry of Supply Chain and Logistics, a precise and timely operational process is required as a single error can turn out to be costly.

Fortunately, stress levels can be lowered by making minor tweaks to your lifestyle. Here’s 3 proven ways that you can implement today:

Time Management

Indeed a common problem, most people get overwhelmed by the piling work that they have to complete. The solution to this is by implementing a work structure. Planning your days ahead and prioritizing your biggest and most important tasks goes a long way. Too many people spend their first few hours going through small and repetitive tasks, only to find themselves burnt out when it’s time to face the bigger ones.

It is also a good reminder that you can’t finish everything in a day. Instead, pen down a to-do list and spread out your objectives over the whole week. Take one day at a time. Go fast on micro but stay patient on the macro. With that being said, don’t skip your breaks! Taking a breather can will iron out your mind and put you in better focus to carry on the next half of your day.

How many times have you been stuck on a problem, took a break, and miraculously found a solution when you got back with your mind refreshed?

Adopt a Good Diet

Speaking of skipping breaks, did you know that missing out on meals actually worsens your condition?

At the end of the day, your mind and body needs to be fed well in order to function properly. A poor overall diet will make your mental state and¬†energy levels hit rock bottom. Surely, this won’t help you with your tasks.

Besides adopting a balanced diet, specific vitamins and minerals can directly overcome stress and support the nervous system:

Vitamin B – is a core requirement for your nervous system. B vitamins help overcome stress by working with your brain chemistry and balancing out neurotransmitters. Some great sources of vitamin B and folic acid are green vegetables, orange juice and rice.

Vitamin C – It is no secret that vitamin C is a staple for the immune system and overall health. Also, vitamin C makes the body clear out Cortisol, a primary stress hormone.

Chamomile – Several types of tea helps to soothe the nervous system. Chamomile is no exception. In fact, it is one of the teas commonly induced by people to calm down their mental state and reduce stress.

Get Active and Spend Time Doing What You Love

Working out have been proven to help cope with stress and anxiety. This is due to the chemical changes that takes place in the brain, which alters a person’s mood in a positive way. Working out also forces you to take your mind away from your piling obligations and focus on your workout instead. Moreover, it keeps you alert and prevent you from feeling sluggish.

Do Things You Love

As much as possible, find time to be laid back and just do whatever that makes you happy. Go ahead, catch a movie or spend some quality time with your family, because nothing puts you in a better state than being free to do whatever you love!

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