How to Love What You Do (When You Really Don’t)

How to Love What You Do (When You Really Don’t)

The obvious answer to absolutely loving your job is to follow your passion. Unfortunately for most people, this is a very flawed idea for the reason that not all passion syncs with the reality of work and education.

What’s the next best option then?

Instead of trying to anxiously work out financial stability while going after what you love, why not learn to love your job. Think about the first time you picked up a hobby and started falling in love with it. It probably took you some time before you realized that this was what you enjoy doing.

The same can be applied towards your job if you look at it in different perspectives:


Purpose is a powerful word. It is what keeps us going. Every human being have woken up to a day where they just don’t feel like putting in work. However, the ones who made it to a productive day probably had a powerful purpose behind.

Purpose could be working hard for the well-being of your family or financial freedom. It could also be in the context of your job scope. For example in logistics, think about how your job contributes to a very big and important cause.

When you take a step back and observe the entire supply chain process, you will be amazed at how your efforts play a crucial role in helping the economy function as a whole. Think about how you’ve helped a certain farmer from a far away land, get his goods distributed and make a living for his family.

The adage is that you should choose something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again. We say that you should wake up with a purpose everyday and you will start seeing your job as a lifestyle full of fulfillment.

Make Your Skill an Exclusive One

The beautiful thing about life is that it functions as an ecosystem. It is an ecosystem where every individual possess a special kind of power. The skills that you carry out so well might not exist in the person next to you and vice versa.

Putting that into a perspective, you suddenly realize the value in what you do everyday. This should also motivate you to continue upgrading your skills. You’d want to be the master of a specific subject matter so that everyone values you at a high level of importance.

As they usually say, love is complicated. It isn’t always about doing what you fancy but doing what is right. As you start getting better control of your career, you put yourself and your family in a better position to balance out time freedom and even spend some time doing the other things that you initially wanted to.

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